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Search Result 9
From: R. John Nesselhauf (jnesselhauf@beckwithelectric.com)
Subject: Working with the Class Request and SET_REPORT
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Newsgroups: microsoft.public.development.device.drivers
Date: 2003-04-16 20:38:03 PST

I have a question concerning working with a HID 
device and how you code firmware to deal with a 
SET_REPORT. Currently I am experiencing problems
with my device and it responding to a user's 
application when executing a WriteFile() command. 
I don't think I understand fully what the host(pc) 
is doing in this circumstance. When I first act on
this interrupt my device NAKs and clears the interrupt
flag that illicited it. Then I read end point zero's 
buffer and place it in my program's working buffer. 
Then I check to see if I am dealing with a Standard 
Request or a Class Request. If it's a Class Request 
I check to see if it is a SET_REPORT.
If it is a SET_REPORT, do I ack the host? Do I read end
point 0's receive buffer?  

Currently I am telling the host that I am ready to receive 
by setting a bit in the endpoint 0 control register. 

The problem that I am experiencing is that the WriteFile() 
never returns. 

Does anybody have any firmware that they may share with 
me or advice on program flow that deals with doing a 
WriteFile()(OUT) on the control endpoint? I am using the 
MC68HC908JB8 processor. 

Any help with this would be most appreciated.

John N.

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